Green Family Fun Day, March 2018

University of Aberdeen researchers from the Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences manned a display called “Does What You Eat Affect the World” for the Green Family Fun Day in Pet’s Corner of Hazlehead Park. The fun day, which had at least 20 activities, was organised by Aberdeen Council as part of Climate Week North East which itself put on 45 events across the city and shire highlighting the issue of Climate Change and local initiative to address it.  PhD student Naveed Bhatti, BALI project coordinator Laura Kruitbos and Professor Adam Price invited children and their parents to think about food, where it comes from, how it is grown and its impact on the environment. The kids were mostly interested in the microscopes showing soil micro fauna while many parents were encouragingly aware of palm oil as a cause of environmental concern.  Some were even interested in the role of flooding rice for control of parasitic nematodes.  Naveed and Adam took turns to dress up as “Nick”, the orang-utan from the Orang-utan Foundation and parade through the park high-fiving children. Overall, the day was a wonderful experience. It was a beautiful day (too hot to be dressed as an ape), the park was mobbed and more than 2,000 people visited Pet’s Corner.  It was busy non-stop and the venue was imbued with a sense of excitement and community spirit. Very uplifting.