NERC Data Requirements

NERC Data Policy

The NERC Data Policy clearly states the need for openness and access to the data that underpin research publications. NERC considers the data produced by the activities it funds as a public good which should be made openly available for anyone to use.

The NERC Data Policy applies to all environmental data collected, acquired, created or assembled through activities that are either fully or partially funded by NERC. However, created information produces such as model codes are excluded from the policy.


Key NERC Data Requirements:

Need to deposit data after collection? Yes


NERC typically requires the finalised datasets with long-term value to be submitted to a NERC Data Centre as soon after the end of data collection as possible.

Data publication timeframe? As soon as possible after the data collection – you do not have to wait until the end of the project period


2 years embargo period permitted


Researchers are entitled to right of first use (i.e. exclusive use) to the data they generate/collected. So even if you are waiting to publish your research, this 2 years period provides you the buffer.

Preferred data repository? Yes

EIDC for the environmental data collected under HMTF Programme.

In our Data Management Plan, we agreed to deposit our data, primarily, at EIDC.

Statement on data access? Yes

All research publications arising from NERC funding must include a statement on how underpinning research datasets and other relevant research materials can be accessed (e.g. providing DOI).