A NERC-funded PhD opportunity is currently available.  The work is focused on tropical forest succession in the central Amazon and involves scaling up from plots to LiDAR and to satellite remote sensing.

The successful applicant will develop skills allowing them to undertake numerical simulations and mapping of land-use processes; evaluate the recovery of secondary forest across the Brazilian Amazon; and produce innovative methodologies to combine remote sensing with forest plots.

Further information can be found here.

Deadline for applications is 6th January 2017.

We welcome applications for postgraduate studentships (MSc, PhD or postdoc) from suitably qualified candidates, supported by a supervisor at the Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

Funding for at least three postgraduate researchers is available as part of the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council Human Modified Tropical Forest Programme (HMTF), working in collaboration with the SAFE Project and SEARRP. Applications will be received for MSc, PhD and postdoc positions.

Applicants are expected to propose a topic and a suitable student to undertake the research. The award will be made to lecturers at UMS, but students will be expected to have a co-supervisor at a UK university or research institute. Funding will include travel money to allow the student to spend time in the co-supervisors laboratory.

Applications should consist of the following documents:
1. Completed HMTF PhD studentship form
2. CV of the student
3. Two academic references for the student

Individual lecturers are eligible to support a maximum of two applicants.

To apply, please send completed applications to Olivia Daniel ( before 29 May 2015. Applications will be judged by a panel consisting of representatives from University Malaysia Sabah and the HMTF Programme.